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How does the program work for Influencers?

Flickstree makes it easy for you to partner with top brands and awesome services. Once you apply to our network, we let you know of all the campaigns and you can select the ones that fit your interests and style!

How do I get started?

Step 1:

Click on “Let's Get Started� to start getting opportunities for multiple advertiser campaigns

Step 2:

Select brand campaigns that best fits your brand image from our pool of advertisers ranging from the trendiest startups to Fortune 500

Step 3:

Click on ‘Share & Earn’ to get the link of the product which you wish to promote to your viewers for purchase

Step 4:

Receive attractive and best in affiliate industry commissions


Once an influencer applies with Flickstree, we match global brands to influencers that are the best fit to the brand specifications. Whether you are a popular Youtuber, Instagrammer or blogger, we will help you connect with Fortune 500 advertisers and rapidly growing consumer brands.


Our influencers must have an established track record including consistently posting as well as consistent follower growth. We value quality over quantity. There is a delicate balance between how many shares and comments you receive on average, and how many followers/ views the content is exposed to.


Payment varies based on commission for each campaign. On registration you can go through the list of campaigns registered with us. You can view the payouts that are visible for each campaign on the page, prior to you selecting them. Apply now to start getting opportunities for campaigns.

Featured campaigns


  • Flickstree brings some of the best of brands for our Influencers, not only across India but in the MEA region as well. The Flickstree platform is robust and impressive, with dashboard and statistics to help us manage our influencer campaigns end-to-end.

    Ankit Agarwal Founder & CEO, Do Your Thng
  • I have worked with Flickstree to market some of their products to my followers. The experience was very engaging. My users reached out to the products through my posts. Thank you Flickstree for giving me this opportunity. I look forward to many such fruitful and engaging associations.

    The_begum_chic Influencer
  • Our Influencers are provided with extensive brands by Flickstree. The teams work together to finalise the text and video content and track the conversions through the dashboard. Our Influencers are always willingly to get associated with brands that are offered by Flickstree.

    Tarun Saini CEO & Founder Vidyakul